How I help

Get your life back

The Eating Disorder Nutritionist is for those who are ready to live free from disordered thoughts.

Do you wish you could “just” eat? Do you wish food wasn’t a thing? Do you wish you could just walk into a cafe and order a pastry? Do you wish you didn’t have to exercise all the time and just do it when you felt like it? Do you sometimes look at other people and wonder: how do they eat, just like that, and yet stay the same? You’re not alone and all of this is entirely within your reach.

Finally learn to unlearn what has been keeping you stuck for so long.

About Me

My name is Anne, I am The Eating Disorder Nutritionist. I am a former anorexic turned nutritionist and also a recovering perfectionist living in a chaotic household of boys.

I don’t have a magic pill to sell I’m afraid (I wish I did, it’d be easier for everyone). Recovery is possible but it requires some work on your part and my job is to guide you along the way. Together we will find the right approach to food and your body.


One-to one sessions

for people who are ready to free themselves of the disordered eating shackles.

Practitioner support

for nutritionists working in the eating disorder field who want support in their practice.

Educational talks

for schools who want to familiarise their staff with eating disorders or who want their pupils to have a more balanced approach to nutrition.

What they say


Thank you for everything you have done for our daughter. You were without doubt the driving force to her recovery and we will always appreciate the time and effort you put into helping her.  – M

Anne set boundaries for our work, made sure I was aware of my responsibilities, and sought to bring patience and understanding with every step.  – L

Thank you so much for all that you have done for [my son]. The transformation has been amazing in such a short period of time and we are extremely grateful to you for your continued advice, reassurance and support.  – R

stop calorie counting

How to stop counting calories even though you have been doing it for years: I know what you’re thinking but it’s possible! Here is how.

Five recovery snacks

Five snacks to get you through recovery: the reality of recovery is that you need to eat, however you can’t do it without snacking. So, here are my go to recovery snacks.