Food as an ally with Anne Richardson

Food as an ally in eating disorder recovery

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Eating disorder recovery and busting nutritional myths with Anne Richardson

Harriet Frew Today, I’m talking to Anne Richardson, Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Anne supports people in recovery from disordered eating and helps them to learn to eat again. Anne grew up in France in a culture, where thinness was a normality. She talks about her own recovery from anorexia nervosa in her teens; her thoughts […]

Is Sugar the Enemy? Anne Richardson explores ‘Healthy Week’ in schools

Harriet Frew Today I’m talking to Nutritional Therapist, Anne Richardson. Anne has been a previous guest on this podcast and is back today to talk about ‘healthy week’ in schools. ‘Healthy Week’ takes place in primary schools in the UK and has admirable intentions. However, the focus on health is often misguided with a low fat and […]