Parsnip apple and hazelnut soup

Parsnip, apple and hazelnut soup

This lovely parsnip apple and hazelnut soup would have seemed very atypical to me growing up. That’s because I never even saw a parsnip before moving to the UK. When I first bit into this strange white carrot during a roast dinner organised by friends, I was struck by how nutty it tasted. I’ve loved […]

Chocolate protein pots

Protein packed chocolate pots

Who are these chocolate protein pots for? First thing first, they are not necessarily the best if you are early on in your recovery. Protein is great but if you are supposed to be eating three meals, two desserts and three snacks, you don’t want tons of protein because it’ll fill you up and make […]

Tarte au sucre

recovery snack

Tarte au sucre means sugar tart You asked me for French baking and this is what I shall deliver today. Don’t let the name send you into a panic, there isn’t that much sugar in it all things considered. This is a French classic at its best, I love it because it’s yummy, very easy […]

Beetroot crackers

This little recipe came about after needing some beetroot juice for another recipe (a Valentine’s Day focaccia, check it out on Instagram if you haven’t seen it yet). I peeled a bunch of raw beetroots, whizzed them in the Vitamix and then passed the lot through a tea towel to extract the juice. It felt […]

Herby ricotta fritters

Herby ricotta fritters? Ok, I wasn’t sure what to call these: ricotta fritters, ricotta hotcakes, ricotta pancakes but then I decided it didn’t really mattered what the hell they were called. All I want you to know is that they are delicious, after that you can call them what you want.   Ricotta fritters: staple […]

Roasted chickpeas: an easy and nutritious snack

I made a batch of roasted chickpeas last week and many people asked me for the recipe when I put in my Instagram stories so I thought I’d share it on here too. It couldn’t be simpler to make roasted chickpeas because all you need are store cupboard ingredients. That means you can whip up […]

Chocolate flapjacks

As promised, here’s the recipe of the chocolate flapjacks I put up on Instagram the other day. They were inspired from a paleo recipe I saw somewhere and which over the years I adapted. I’ve used other dried fruit, sometimes added seeds but somehow always kept the chocolate; funny that… White chocolate works as well […]

Almond, cherry and orange energy balls

I’ve been making these almond, cherry and orange energy balls for years and many of my clients like them. I love that they are so easy to prepare and keep well in the fridge. Almonds and cherry go well together, don’t they? These energy balls are effectively like mini cherry bakewell bites… Why I love […]

Peanut and cocoa energy bars

These peanut and cocoa energy bars taste like they are good for you but in a good way. I don’t like labelling food as “good” or “bad” but people do, don’t they? And when people say that something tastes like it’s good for you, they generally mean that it tastes a bit like horse fodder. […]

Cranberry and coconut flapjacks

My kids love those cranberry and coconut flapjacks. To be fair my kids and, come to think of it, my husband love most flapjacks. I think it must be a culturally kiddy thing, I mean I don’t recall having ever eaten flapjacks while growing up in France; too busy eating pains au chocolat I guess… […]