Chocolate protein pots

Who are these chocolate protein pots for?

First thing first, they are not necessarily the best if you are early on in your recovery. Protein is great but if you are supposed to be eating three meals, two desserts and three snacks, you don’t want tons of protein because it’ll fill you up and make things more difficult for you.

This is for people who are struggling to get more protein in, either because their needs are very high, or perhaps because they are vegetarian.

I’m not vegetarian but I don’t eat a lot of meat or fish and, as a result, my meals can be a bit low in protein. Sure, I could use protein powder but I am yet to find one that I like the taste of.  I don’t like the artificial taste of the sweeteners and I don’t enjoy the unflavoured ones, which are either too “milky”, “grainy” and generally “eeeky”.

Protein bars are not my favourite because they are super processed, sickly sweet and pretty expensive. They can be useful when out and about but they are not something I’d use everyday.

Now, I always tell my clients that a meal is the overall food eaten at one sitting and if your main meal doesn’t contain a lot of protein, you can just add some more by having another course. Make your “dessert” the protein rich part of your meal.


Where is the protein coming from?

The protein in there comes from Greek yoghurt and also peanut powder. This is a bit like a protein powder but without artificial sweeteners (yes, I’d rather have sugar) and without the nasty taste. It’s essentially peanut powder with some of the fat removed thereby concentrating the fibre and protein. Don’t even think of having this instead of peanut butter, it won’t taste nice! If you remove the fat from peanut butter what is even the point? Just see it as a not so processed protein powder.

Of course, I could just use Greek yoghurt as my dessert but I sometimes get bored of yoghurt and I have a bit of funny relationship of English yoghurt, I’m sorry but the French ones just taste better!

Anyway, these chocolate protein pots are extremely easy to put together and even easier to eat, so give them a go a tell me what you think.


Chocolate protein pots ingredients:

  • 700g Greek yoghurt (I use Total 2%)
  • 100g chocolate (I use dark)
  • 60g peanut butter powder (I use PB Fit)



Melt the chocolate over a pan of boiling water.

Meanwhile, mix the yoghurt and peanut powder in a blender.

When the chocolate is melted, add to the yoghurt, mix and blend again.

I sometimes add ¼ cup hot water to loosen the mixture and make it easier to divide into my pots.

This is enough for six pots chocolate protein pots. Per pot, it will provide you with 16.5g protein while being tastier and much cheaper than a protein bar.

Note: If you don’t like the sound of the peanut powder you could also leave it out but change the ratio: 800g yoghurt and 100g chocolate – I sometimes do that if I have run out of the powder. This would still give you 13g protein.

Protein packed chocolate pots