Eating disorder practitioner support

I’m an experienced practitioner in the field of disordered eating. I have been practising for more than ten years and now work exclusively with people with eating disorders.

I feel very strongly that people suffering with eating disorders are a vulnerable group and that only professionals who have received adequate training should be seeing such a client group. 

Working in this field can get very lonely and it can feel like swimming against the nutritional current. I could have done with some eating disorder practitioner support when I started!

It’s not always easy but eating disorder practitioners need to know their scope of practice and they need to ask for help if they think they have stepped outside of it. I have seen too many people coming to me because a) they didn’t know what to do with their clients anymore (practitioners), b) they had been told to follow a strict diet, which had re-ignited a past eating disorder (clients).

What i Offer

£75 per session

This is to discuss working in this field. It is for registered nutritionists who are not trained in eating disorders but who are interested in working in this area, who want to know more about the training, the pitfalls and whether they have what it takes to get into this field.

£750 for six sessions

This is for registered nutritionists who have received the required training in eating disorders to allow them to work in this field. We will speak for 1h every two weeks one-to-one, six sessions altogether. This will be completely tailored to your needs.