Caviar d'aubergines

Aubergine caviar

Think baba ganoush but less Lavantine and smoky and more Gallic and garlicky (évidemment). Ingredients: 2 aubergines 1 head of garlic (not a clove, the

German potato salad

German potato salad

This is a salad my German uncle used to often make and I have memories of post-beach families BBQs eating this alongside grilled sardines or

Parsnip, apple and hazelnut soup

Parsnip apple and hazelnut soup

This lovely parsnip apple and hazelnut soup would have seemed very atypical to me growing up. That’s because I never even saw a parsnip before

Protein packed chocolate pots

Chocolate protein pots

Who are these chocolate protein pots for? First thing first, they are not necessarily the best if you are early on in your recovery. Protein

recovery snack

Tarte au sucre

Tarte au sucre means sugar tart You asked me for French baking and this is what I shall deliver today. Don’t let the name send

Beetroot crackers

This little recipe came about after needing some beetroot juice for another recipe (a Valentine’s Day focaccia, check it out on Instagram if you haven’t

Herby ricotta fritters

Herby ricotta fritters? Ok, I wasn’t sure what to call these: ricotta fritters, ricotta hotcakes, ricotta pancakes but then I decided it didn’t really mattered

Chocolate flapjacks

As promised, here’s the recipe of the chocolate flapjacks I put up on Instagram the other day. They were inspired from a paleo recipe I

Peanut and cocoa energy bars

These peanut and cocoa energy bars taste like they are good for you but in a good way. I don’t like labelling food as “good”

Beetroot wraps

Those beetroot wraps were a real hit on my Insta feed so I had to put the recipe on here! The slight problem is that

Breakfast pizzas

Breakfast pizzas: I like breakfast and I like pizzas so it was only a matter of time before I was to combine them I suppose…

High protein yoghurt cakes

I used to called these “breakfast cheesecakes” but I don’t like the name anymore. Firstly, I don’t tend to eat them for breakfast only (although