Parsnip apple and hazelnut soup

Parsnip, apple and hazelnut soup

This lovely parsnip apple and hazelnut soup would have seemed very atypical to me growing up. That’s because I never even saw a parsnip before moving to the UK. When I first bit into this strange white carrot during a roast dinner organised by friends, I was struck by how nutty it tasted. I’ve loved […]

Chocolate protein pots

Protein packed chocolate pots

Who are these chocolate protein pots for? First thing first, they are not necessarily the best if you are early on in your recovery. Protein is great but if you are supposed to be eating three meals, two desserts and three snacks, you don’t want tons of protein because it’ll fill you up and make […]

Oat and berry pancakes: nutritiously tasty

Who doesn’t like pancakes for breakfast? The American are the kings of fluffy pancakes, they just have this tendency to drown them in maple syrup, which makes them a little bit less attractive from a nutrition standpoint. The health conscious amongst you will have noticed that and that’s why the web is now awash with […]

Breakfast pizzas

Breakfast pizzas: I like breakfast and I like pizzas so it was only a matter of time before I was to combine them I suppose… I’ve come to the conclusion that what I like the most about pizzas is eating them with my hands, there’s something quite childish and quite tactile that I really like. […]

High protein yoghurt cakes

I used to called these “breakfast cheesecakes” but I don’t like the name anymore. Firstly, I don’t tend to eat them for breakfast only (although you could) and secondly, it gives the impression that these are “healthy” mini cheesecakes. In fact, it gives the impression  that they are so healthy you could have them for […]

Pear and Almond Butter Breakfast Cake

A little breakfast friendly cake: portable, nutritious and delicious! Pear and almonds are like a match made in heaven! Here I’m using ripes pears, which are very sweet and that means I don’t need to add any sugar. I’m not anti-sugar but why add any if you don’t need to? I saw someone making breakfast […]

Granola: how to make it nutritious and delicious?

Everyone likes granola because it’s crunchy and sweet and delicious. A lot of people also avoid it because it’s crunchy and sweet and delicious. They worry it’s going to make them gain weight because it’s high in both fat and sugar. Look I’m not going to lie, commercial granolas are high in fat and sugar. […]

Breakfast muffins – oats, apple and nuts

Those breakfast muffins came from thinking about my clients, who most of the time are really busy. They live hectic lives and too often don’t make time for themselves or for meals and my job is to help them shift this imbalance. They can hardly quit their job (although some have changed companies or have […]