Vegan Chocolate Pots – fibre and goodness packed!

I’m not vegan but some of my clients are. This recipe was specially designed for a client whose digestive problems require her to eat more fibre and who also can’t digest milk very well.

I wanted more fibre in her diet but in a gentle kind of way so as not to aggravate her sensitive gut. Sweet potatoes came to my mind straight away and so did dried fruit but I because I wanted to layer the sources of fibre throughout all her meals I decided that a dessert would be the perfect option.

This recipe only has six ingredients, is a doddle to make, is packed with fibre and other goodness and is to die for!

I quizzed my family after they had demolished their dessert and they had absolutely no idea that it contained sweet potato, which they normally hate – smug.

I’m actually not a huge fan of sweet potatoes either, I find them a bit errm too sweet… Now and again it’s ok but if you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that sweet potatoes don’t feature a lot in my diet. I also do find them a bit too fibrous sometimes but this is exactly what I wanted here: sweet fibre! To get round the unpleasant stringiness of the fibre, I used my trusted Vitamix, which can blitz the fibre in such small particles that render them totally invisible, you end up with the smoothest chocolate cream but it’s full of fibre!

You probably could use the skin of the potato too and that would increase the fibre content but in all honesty I don’t really like it and I’m not prepared to eat something I don’t like.

Don’t try to cut corner and have “light” coconut milk, it won’t taste as nice and will decrease the fibre content dramatically. Light coconut milk is actually only 25% coconut while full fat one is 60% coconut…

Although this wasn’t the aim, note that this dessert is also free of added sugar (not sugar-free mind).



  • 500g sweet potato raw
  • 400g coconut milk
  • 6 Medjool dates
  • 60g unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp. vanilla bean paste
  • 1 pinch of sea salt



Soak the pitted dates in warm water and while they soak bake the sweet potato in the oven until tender.

When the sweet potato is cooked through, peel it and add it to your Vitamix along with the rest of the ingredients – do drain the water from the dates first.

Blitz at a high speed, I use the smoothie function and find it works well.

Divide in 6 pots and refrigerate until set.

Each pot gives you 8g of fibre, not bad for a dessert!